Writing Press Releases – Tips for Your Writing Career and for Your Clients’

A press release is an informal news story that is directed at the media. It is often directed to the online media world or the print media world but sometimes it may be directed at both. The press release is written in the third person and reveals something new or a change that people in a specific industry would be interested in knowing about.

There are several reasons that you might want to send out a press release and each one should be approached somewhat differently.

Writing a Press Release to Boost Book Sales

A press release can help you connect with new readers that may not become aware of your book otherwise. You will reach a wider market scope. You can also focus on specific demographics or specific geographic areas. Show potential readers why they would want to read the book by tying it to their lives. Show them how it is relevant to their lives. Remember that this is not a sales pitch – it should be informative and revealing.

Writing a Press Release to Launch a Freelance Writing Business

How will people find out that you are available to write if you don’t get the word about you business out there? While many people will come across you online if you have a website they won’t discover your services through traditional methods if they are not online a lot. A press release can bring your business to their attention.

When you are launching a freelance writing business there are a few things that you should draw attention to in a press release. Make sure that your specialties are clear. You should have a specific focus whether it is a type of writing or a certain industry that you are likely to write for. If you are offering a special to new customers make that clear. Above all, you should make them aware of the reasons why you are different from other freelance writing business and what you can offer that others do not.

Writing a Press Release for a Client

If you have writing clients that are launching a new website, a book, or a new service you may be asked to write a press release for them. Writing a press release for someone else means that you need to have detailed information. You will want to include the news, why it is important, who is related to the news, and the purpose. Be concise and to the point. Use adverbs and adjectives sparingly. Remember: Who, What,Where, When, and Why. Look through some press releases online and you’ll see a clear formula and template to follow.

Get good at press release writing and it could be very profitable for you. Many writers charge varying rates from $50- hundreds of dollars per one page press release. Browse through some press releases at PRWeb or PRNewswire to get a feel for content and format.

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