Writing An Article: Be A Reader’s Resource

Articles are an excellent way to promote yourself and your website as an industry leader or expert on a given matter. This in turn can go far towards building your professional credibility and towards driving quality traffic to your website. There is a certain finesse involved in writing articles that will promote you or your website, though; achieving that finesse is what will determine how seriously you are taken as a writer and knowledgeable resource.

Usefulness Is The Key To Credibility

However you are using your articles—whether as free submissions to articles directories or as informational resources on your site to promote what you are ´selling´—your readers are only interested in one thing: what is useful to them. Readers click on article links because they truly need to find the information they are seeking. Nothing is more infuriating for a reader than to hunt down a promising article only to find it is nothing more than an inflated advertisement. That does not mean that you cannot still achieve advertising and promotion through articles—it simply means you have to be tactful about how you do it.

Some tips for achieving promotion through article submissions:

• Choose a topic you know or have researched well and write a good informative article on the subject.

• Give readers what they are looking for: informational articles and instructional ‘how-to’; articles that help a reader solve their problem or answers a question. Do not write a general overview on a topic; be specific.

• Maintain a professional tone. You are to be taken as an authority on the matter you are presenting – convey your message like an authority. Avoid vague or non-committal speech.

• Stick with the facts. That way you know that you are truly informing, not pitching.

• If presenting an article to your business´s favor, explain away some of the opposition. Discuss the benefits to your type of service vs. another, or how some product´s features will add value for your audience.

An Article Is No Place For A Sales-Pitch

Avoid putting any kind of a sales pitch for your product or service into your article. If you in any way blatantly pitch your product or service, readers will dismiss you and even very factual information you’ve given.

However, when posting articles online, it is understood, that you are submitting your article with the purpose of promoting yourself, your product, or your website. The place to put your information is at the bottom of the article, which is reserved for your profile you fill out when adding your username and other information.

This is also a good place to link back to your website, which will drive your traffic in a way that is acceptable to readers. They’ll take you not as a salesperson, but as an expert resource with experience and expertise who, incidentally, sells the product or service they need, precisely the type of credible person they’ll want to do business with.

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