Writer’s Resume Tips – Presenting Yourself for Freelance Gigs

Many of the jobs that you apply for will request a resume so it is important to have a good writer’s resume ready. Keep in mind that each resume should be tailored to the type of job that you are applying for. Have a full resume ready to send that you can adjust according to the specifics of the job requirement before you send it.

The parts of a writer’s resume are not that different from a regular resume but your writer’s resume is likely to have a few different sections. A few of the typical resume sections you can include are:

  • Header – Include all the important information like your full (real) name, your email address, and a website if you have one. You may also want to include a mailing address and a phone number if it is asked for in the job request.
  • Objective – This should be short and to the point and targeted towards the job in question.
  • Skills – Break this down into different kinds of skills and make it easy to read, like a checklist perhaps.
  • Work experience – This section is for ongoing writing jobs that you are working on or have completed in the past.
  • Education – Highlight the education that pertains to your writing career.
  • Work published – Include links to your best writing online, sorted by type and niche for example. You can easily add/remove any links if they do not apply when you are adjusting your resume to a specific job.

For a writer’s resume sample, visit about.com’s job search section.

Of course, it is not only the information that you supply but how you present it that matters. You should remember that spelling and grammar are always important and will be taken into consideration. After all, this is a writing job you are applying for. Make your resume as efficient as possible by choosing your words carefully. This is not the place to be wordy or use a lot of adjectives or adverbs, however, it is OK to let your personality and even your writing style show through a bit if appropriate to the job.

When a job ad has requested a resume you should remember that they will likely receive a large number of them so make sure that all the pertinent information is up at the top. Also make sure that you have followed the instructions on the job carefully. If they have asked for a specific type of contact information make sure that you supply it. Be complete but be efficient. If you target each resume to the specific job and you will most likely get more responses.

What are your experiences with job search? Feel free to share your resume tips in the comments.

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