Where to Get Ideas for Article Marketing

Do you sometimes feel stuck when you are trying to come up with ideas for article marketing?  Do not feel bad – it happens to everyone at some point.  But finding ideas for article marketing should never be too difficult when you have the entire Internet at your fingertips.

RSS Readers

If you are involved in writing online or idea creation you should be following blogs in the niche that you write in.  Use a feed reader or an RSS Reader of some sort (like Google Reader) and keep up to date with it.  Add blogs that you enjoy reading but also be sure to add blogs that have posts about what is going on in your niche.

As you read blogs from your reader, keep a note pad handy and write down anything that you feel would make a good article.  Write down ideas, potential titles, and references.  Quite often these ideas will come in handy when you don’t have anything in mind that you want to write.  Start from the ideas and build your own thoughts and knowledge into it.  Make your own article out of the ideas and thoughts that you have come across while reading others’ blogs.

Watch Videos

When you are on YouTube or other video channels, do not just watch videos mindlessly.  Watch with the intent of generating ideas.  Subscribe to channels that are in your niche and think about how you can put your own spin on the topic.  Again, keep that notepad handy so that you can refer back to it when you are short of ideas.

What to Put in Your Notebook

So, when you are watching videos and reading blog posts, what should you write down?  Remember that you are not stealing others ideas – you are getting inspiration from them.

Some of the things you can write down include:

  • Titles
  • Keywords or phrases
  • Key points
  • Lists
  • Other sites that are referred to
  • Tips
  • Newsworthy items
  • Products
  • Tools

If you get ideas as you are taking notes, make sure you jot them down.  You might ask questions that you can do research on later or you might write down your opposing view.  As your notebook fills up, you will find that the ideas that you generate from watching videos and reading blog posts will come in very handy when you need ideas for article marketing.

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