Web Writing Tools for Writers – 3 Great Keyword Tools

Part of any web writer’s job is knowing how to implement keywords into their writing that will make it easier for search engines to figure out what the page is about. You could guess at the words that people might use to find your page or your client’s page but it wouldn’t be as effective as using keyword tools to tell you what people are actually searching for. More often, writers are doing this not only for themselves but for clients as well.

There are many free keyword tools on the Internet that can be helpful and if you use them you will find that search engines will find your work more. Clients appreciate web writers that have multiple skills, too, so they don’t just want their writers to write the content – they sometimes will ask them to write search engine optimized text.

Here are some of the keyword tools that you can use in your writing:

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool – this is one of the most widely used keyword finders and with good reason. Not only can it tell you what keywords are used most often by web searchers but it can also help you find related keywords, shows you the competition, and makes comparisons between global searches and local searches. The information from this keyword tool is more comprehensive than most tools and comes right from Google. Google has other tools that you might find helpful including Google Wonder Wheel and Google Insights. All Google tools are free.
  2. Wordtracker – This is one of the most easy to use free keyword tools for writers out there. If you just want the basics – an estimate of how many times the keywords are searched for and some suggestions for keywords that are related – this is the tool for you. It is fast and easy and gives you the option to filter your keywords so that adult oriented phrases don’t slip in. The fact that you can use this in your browser and do not have to download anything is a bonus as well.
  3. Keyword Spy – This site is valuable because, like the others it shows you how many searches there are for a keyword term and gives suggestions for keyword phrases that are like it. It also gives you options for misspellings of the keyword and for both PPC (Pay Per Click) and Organic competitors. Minimal options are available for free or you can upgrade your account and get even more value.

Don’t underestimate the importance of doing some keyword research when you’re writing for anything that may appear on the web, either on a website itself or in PDF or other format. You may be surprised when you find out what people actually type in a search engine’s search box – or not!

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