Use a Conclusion to Your Best Advantage

If you want your writing to be memorable, your conclusion must be fully utilized.  The conclusion of any piece of  writing is often the part that readers will remember the most.  It is the last thing they read and will be the part they think back on.  It will represent the entire article that they have just read.

A weak conclusion will leave readers wondering what the purpose of the article was.  It can also leave them with an unfavorable opinion of your article.  With a strong conclusion, your audience will remember your main points and if you’re copywriting, your conclusion could compel the reader to action — which helps you provide value to your clients.

Here are some ways that you can conclude your writing to your best advantage:

  • Know what you want your audience to leave with.  What do you want them to remember?  What are the most important parts of the article?  Summarize the main points that you want your readers to retain.
  • Use a thought provoking quote. Quotations can bring articles to an end by bringing together all of your main points.  They are memorable and every time that your readers hear that quote later they will think back to your article.
  • Answer the question that you started with.  We often introduce our writing with questions that will make the reader think.  Answer those questions in the conclusion to bring your article to full completion.  You can use the same tactic with anecdotes.  If you started with an anecdote, give your reader closure by altering it with the new information that you provided in the body of your article.
  • Ask questions that will be answered in the future. Keep readers coming back for more by asking related questions that you will answer in future articles.
  • Ask for action. If there is something that you would like the reader to do tell them what to do in the conclusion.  Leave a comment, fill in the form, sign up for the newsletter, buy this product – all of these actions can be requested in the conclusion of your article.
  • Demonstrate a wider appeal. If the information that you have given your readers can be applied in other areas as well, show them how.  Give them examples of how useful the information can be and encourage them to think about how it can be applied to their own lives or their business.

Whether you are writing a blog post, article, or copywriting, the conclusion will help you to tie all the important information of your article together.  It will help the reader to relate to what they have read and it will encourage them to do what you want them to do.

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