Tips to Get Web Surfers to Stop and Take Action

When it comes right down to it there is only one way to get sales from your copy – you need to tell web surfers who are visiting a website what you want them to do.  Yes, that is it.  Of course, there’s a little bit more to it than that but that is basically what it comes down to – you need to ask for the sale.

Good copywriters use what is called a “call to action”, which basically means that they are telling the web surfer what they need to do next.  Some of the more popular ones include:

add to cart button

  • “Click here to buy now”
  • “Call us to get started”
  • “Visit this site”
  • “Come in today!”
  • “Sign up here”


It’s not complicated.  It gets right to the point.  It is simple.  But a call to action like these ones will make you see more results.  You find that you get an increase in leads, customers, and yes, in sales.

People do realize that if there is an advertisement that there must be a request to buy but they have to think about it. Unfortunately, web surfers move from page to page so quickly that they sometimes do not stay on a page long enough to think about it.  So, if you do not tell them what you want, you likely will not get it.  Page visitors will just look at the ad and then move on, not even thinking that there is more to it.

If they do look at the ad or at the copy and want to purchase an item or a service, they are not always aware of what they need to do next.  There are many options that are available online so they may need to go to a store, another web page, or they might need to order over the phone.  If their next step is not obvious then they might end up doing nothing at all.

Tell potential customers what you want them to do.  Use a call to action and inspire them to do it now or today or right away before the special deal ends.  If they think they can put if off until later they will and the fact of the matter is that later rarely comes.  They move on and forget all about it because web surfers have a short attention span.

When you write a call to action you need to think of what your want them to do first.  Then you need to tell them what to do.  Then you need to make it easy for them to do with a great big button or arrows or something that makes the next step easy to see.

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