Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Writing Business

Are you on Twitter yet? If so, are you using it to help you further your writing career?  There are several ways you can use Twitter to promote your writing business and to benefit your career overall. Read on for some advice for using Twitter to your advantage:

Follow Others

This seems like a no-brainer, but some people don’t seem to understand this: when you follow others, you also get noticed by the people who follow the people you follow. Also, don’t let vanity get in the way and try to keep the number of people you follow lower than the number of people you’re following. By simply following people who have related interests – don’t waste your time following just anyone – your tweets’ potential to reach a large amount of people grows.

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Twitter can be used to gather information, but it’s a great way to get your message out through your tweets. In fact, the top 10% of Twitter users create 90% of all tweets, which makes Twitter more of a broadcasting tool than a two-way communication tool.

A great feature of Twitter is that your tweets will be seen on the public timeline, are indexed in search engines, and of course are seen by those that follow you. On top of that your tweet will end up on the myriad of Twitter analytics and aggregator sites that have sprung up since Twitter was started in 2006.

Plan to tweet on a regular basis, but make sure your tweets are of value. It isn’t necessary to tweet every day, but if you have something interesting to post every day, by all means do! You also don’t want to over-tweet and turn off your potential customers and peers with information overload. If you’d like to space out your tweets, consider using a Twitter posting service like It will let you schedule future posts so you can tweet when you have time and then have the tweets published automatically as you specify.

Tweet Some Writing Samples

Have you written a new piece you’re proud of? Tweet about it. Use your Twitter account to link to your blog posts, and to posts you’ve written off site. Not only can people following you see these posts but you it may also help get your posts found by others outside of Twitter.

The easiest way to hook up your blog to your Twitter account and have a link to your latest post (and writing sample) automatically tweeted is with Twitterfeed. Set up a free account, add your blog’s feed and have it posted automatically on Twitter and Facebook as soon as you publish a new post. You can use Twitterfeed for any content that is published through a feed, including article syndication accounts like

You can also link your Twitter account to update your other accounts, like

Talk About What You’re Working On

Twitter is a great tool for sharing. Sharing information about what you’re working on could even result in new work inquiries. Talking about the fact that you’re wrapping up a press release or got great feedback on a ghost blogging project you just completed could result in someone who needs a press release reading that update and contacting you through Twitter for a quote.

Complete Your Profile

Twitter tweets will direct traffic to your profile page. You could pique interest that drives someone to your profile so that they can learn more about you. Fill out your profile and link to a place where people could learn more about you and your writing skills, such as a professional business site, online profile, or blog.

Twitter can be a great place to interact with other writers. You could follow mentors and pick up great advice as well as learn their marketing techniques.  You could follow job board Twitter accounts so that you can see alerts for new postings. You could also follow authorities in niche topics you’re focusing on so that you can stay abreast of news and information as well as source information to help you with projects.  Twitter is an excellent social media tool that could definitely benefit your writing career.

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