Social Bookmarking Tips for Writers

Social bookmarking is a tool that webmasters can use to get their sites noticed more. It can also help with search engine optimization because it builds back links. Internet users use bookmarking to organize and share the sites that they are interested in with other web surfers, so if someone is interested in the topic that you write about they are more likely to find your site if you are bookmarking your blog posts and web sites. (More about making social media work for you…)

If you want others to bookmark your sites or blog posts the first thing you should do is make it easy for them. Have a button or a bookmarking bar on your site and on each blog post that offers them a selection of bookmarking sites to choose from. There are many so the more inclusive you can be the more likely users are to bookmark your page. If you use WordPress, there are widget friendly bookmark plug-ins that you can use to automatically include a bookmarking option in your sidebar or you can use a plug-in (scroll to the bottom of this post to see social bookmarking icons; the plugin is called Sociable) and it will add a bookmarking bar to each post. You can also get widgets from multi-bookmarking sites like OnlyWire that give surfers many options.

There are several other ways that you can get your pages bookmarked. If you have friends that participate in social bookmarking ask your friends to bookmark posts that you want to get noticed. If they are participating in bookmarking anyway they will likely be glad to help you. Of course, you can bookmark your own sites as well, too.

Finally, if you want others to bookmark your work then do the same for them. Start bookmarking sites and posts that you like. The owners often track how much their sites are being bookmarked and will often return the favor. And of course, few will want to check out your bookmarks if you have nothing but your own posts in your bookmarks. So take the time to bookmark sites and blogs that are relevant to the type of information that you share. When you do this people will come back and check out what you’ve added and will see the bookmarks that you’ve included to your own work.

Just remember to be real and be genuine. People don’t follow the bookmarks of people that they feel are just out to sell them something. They want to know what real people are looking at. Participate in the bookmarking process and share real information and people will be interested when you share your own work.

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