Online Reputation Management Tools to Guide Your Marketing Plan

If you take a course in customer service one of the things you will learn is that it is easier to keep a good reputation than to fix a bad one.  That’s why reputation management is so important in business.  Larger companies hire entire department to handle reputation management but just because you are only one person does not mean that you should not dedicate some time towards it.

Reputation management occurs when you make sure that what people are hearing about you is more positive than bad.  In order to do that you need to know what people are saying about in you in the first place.  When your business is online this can be fairly simple to track using tools available online.

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Here are some of the tools that you can use for online reputation management:

  • Monitter – tracks tweets in real time.  Put in your name and find out what people are saying about you.
  • Kurrently – tracks Twitter and Facebook in real time.  Shows you if your name or your company name is being used and in what context and by who.
  • Backtweets – put in any url and it will tell you if it has been tweeted and who has tweeted it.
  • WhoLinksToMe – shows you all the sites that have links to your site.
  • GoogleAlerts – will send you an email on daily basis with sites that have the keywords that you are searching for.  Your name or your company name are good things to have alerts on.
  • MonitorThis – covers 26 search engine feeds for you to monitor what others are saying about you or your business.
  • ReputationDefender – find something negative and you want to have it removed?  This site can help you get rid of the stuff that you do not want out there.

As your business grows you will find more places that are linking back to your site and mentioning you by name.  Make sure that you know what they are saying and strive to keep the most positive mentions on the first page of the search engines.  Remember that people tend to gravitate towards the negative so get negative comments removed if you can or contact the owners of the sites to see if you can change their minds.  Your online reputation is your business so make sure you keep on top of what others are saying about you.

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