Marketing Your Freelance Writing Services with a Blog

While there are plenty of freelance writing clients that simply want you to write an article, many more want to work with a triple threat. What is ‘the freelance writing triple threat’? It’s the writer who can not only write, but also blog and market the writing for the client. This means you must be a writer, blogger, and marketer all rolled into one reputable package. One of the best ways to showcase your skills is to manage your own blog.

What Website Owners Need

The great thing about blogging is that you can have more than one blog. You can have your hobby blog where you talk about your interests, and you can have your professional blog where you attract and gain freelance writing clients. When a business needs a freelance web content writer they are looking for a number of things:

  • Someone who can write engaging content on a regular basis
  • Someone who understands how to work with different blogging platforms
  • Someone who understands keyword research and placement within web content and blogs
  • Someone who knows how to get organic search engine results through the content published on the blog or website
  • Someone who knows how to market web copy using different social media outlets

If you know how to do all of these things on top of writing copy, you can showcase these skills simply by blogging on your own blog.

Marketing Yourself through a Blog

So you’ve set up a blog and you want to start marketing yourself. The first step is to create five to ten posts that focus on a particular niche. Write them in batches and use your blogging platform’s timestamp option to set the date and time you want the blog to post. This way you always have fresh content being added, even if you can’t get to the blog one day. Make sure you include pictures and links with some of the posts to show visitors that you understand how to manipulate blogging platforms.

The next step is to keyword optimize your blog posts so that they start appearing near the top of the search engine results page on popular search engines. Almost every potential freelance client wants optimized web copy to attract visitors to their site. Once you begin ranking highly in the search engines, it’s time to create a few blog posts regarding your ability to write web copy that brings in high organic search result rankings. Make sure you include screen shots to prove that your content ranks highly.

The last step is to show that you understand social media and social networking. Most website owners know that social media outlets such as Twitter and Facebook have changed article marketing and business marketing, but they aren’t all sure how to approach it. Write some blog posts that show your understanding of social media, including having buttons or widgets on your page for the social networking where you participate. By using your blog, you can showcase all of the skills you bring to freelance web writing by showing true to life examples on the blog.

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