Make Writing Creative with 5 Easy to Follow Tips

In order to get and keep the attention of your readers you need to get creative.  If you have the same experience and thoughts that everyone else online has then there is really no reason for readers to stick around.  If you want them to come back and become regular reader or to subscribe to your feeds or your newsletters you will need to be creative in your approaches.  Being creative is not easy though.  It does take effort.

These 5 easy tips will help you make your writing more creative and encourage readers to come back for more:

1.    Build a creative workspace. If your work space bores you to tears you will not be very inspired to come up with creative content that is interesting.  You should feel relaxed in your work space so that your mind can be free to follow creative thought processes.  Keep some interesting pictures on the walls, pin a funny cartoon to your bulletin board, or write inspirational quotes on your white board.  And don’t forget to keep your work space clean.  A clean and organized work space is a lot easier to think in.

writing by candlelight

2.    Create a mood.  Many writers have little cues that get them into the creative mode.  It might be your special writer’s hat or a special flavor of coffee.  Perhaps a certain type of music makes you feel more creative or maybe a certain kind of lighting.  Find out what kind of environment makes you feel more creative and use those cues to get your brain into the right frame of mind.

3.    Relax.  Make sure you have time to relax each day so that when you sit down to write your mind is clear and you can focus at the task at hand.  If there is something that is bothering you try to deal with it before you sit down to do creative work, otherwise you mind can feel cloudy and thoughts are harder to communicate.

4.    Have a place to express your thoughts.  Some writers keep a journal that they write in and have the freedom to say whatever they want.  Others keep a blog that is completely unrelated to their professional work.  Yet other just keep a notebook handy so they can jot down ideas as they come to them.  Make sure that you have a place where you can just let ideas flow without having to concentrate on structure or tone or formatting.

5.    Do something wild.  Every once in awhile, you should do something that you would not normally do.  It gets the adrenaline flowing and the creative juices in your mind start doing wild things, too.  Change up your usual routines or call an old friend.  Mix it up.  Do something unusual if you want to open your mind to creativity.

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