Make Sure Your Article Marketing Articles are Accepted

Article marketing can have a great impact on your business and if you want to make your article marketing efforts more efficient you should make sure that you articles follow the guidelines set out before you submit them.  You should get to know the rules of any article directory site that you use before you submit articles.

Here are some of the most important guidelines to follow before you submit articles:

  • Be original – don’t use material that you have copied from another site or have bought from PLR companies.  Even if you don’t copy and paste information directly from a site you could be found in violation of the guidelines.  It is ok to get ideas from other places only if you use them to create your own original content.
  • Punctuation and spelling – make sure you proofread your articles for punctuation and spelling.  You can use a spell checker if you like but read each article through carefully, as well, because there are many words that will not be caught by a spell checker.
  • Limit bold font – for most article sites, you should not use bold font in the body of your article.  The exceptions are titles, headings, and sub-headings.  These are the only place you should use bold font.
  • Length – ideally articles should be a minimum of 400 words.  You can submit shorter articles (as low as 250 words on sites, such as EzineArticles) but shorter articles are likely to be lacking in content and value.  Make sure your ideas are fully expressed.
  • Summary – make sure that you include a summary that reflects the purpose of your article.
  • Links and Resource box – The byline or resource box is typically the most suitable place for your links.  If you must use links in the body of the article, you can use up to 4 and no more than 2 of those can be to a site that you own.  If you do link to your own site it must be relevant to the article, otherwise it will not be published.

By following the guidelines of the submission site where you are publishing your article, you will save time.  You will not have to go in to make revisions and your article marketing articles will be quickly accepted.

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