Invest in Your Future: Set up Your Own Blog

One of the greatest things a writer can do to invest in his or her future is to set up a blog that showcases writing services. Not only will the blog give you the opportunity to showcase your writing skills but it is a venue that also provides the ability to take advantage of free organic website traffic that search engines will take notice of.

Search engines visit blogs much more often than they would a static website. Sure, your professional looking website could do good things once people find it (which is most often through your directing people there) but a regularly updated blog will attract traffic organically, without costing you advertising fees.

Search engines appreciate the way a blog is set up due to the fact that it’s updated on a regular basis and continually contains new information for the search engine crawlers to index. And, because of the interactive nature of people linking to and from a blog, with comments, links, and social bookmarking tools, this provides great potential for you to gather an audience and rankings in areas that present your articles to those interested in the things that you write. You can use this to your advantage as writing samples, for establishing credibility on a topic, and to help customers find you.

Free or Paid Blog?

Some people choose to utilize a free blog such as a site like blogger or WordPress and think that this is just as good as your own blog. There are some great online tools that help you promote your work and you should definitely use them but it’s a good idea to use them in addition to showcasing your work on your own blog. Most would agree that when you invest in your own blog, you demonstrate your commitment to presenting yourself as a serious writer. For a minimal cost (usually under $100 per year) you’ll also have full control of what’s published along side of your writing rather than having other advertisements listed on your website which could direct your traffic to a potential competitor or portray an ad that diminishes your image.

Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines

Don’t forget to optimize your blog posts with keyword phrases that relate to your target writing niche. If people looking for the sort of services you’re offering type keywords related to that service into a search engine, they could be directed to your blog. Use your keywords in titles and text. For example, if you write a post about beaches in Greece and you title your post ‘another great day on the best place of earth’ as opposed to ‘finding the best beaches in Greece’ – which one do you think will bring more visitors and more important, which one will attract more visitors looking to read specifically about beaches in Greece?

A business or niche blog is an inexpensive but yet one of the most effective ways of gaining attention online and many successful writers use it as one of their primary marketing tools.

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