How to Write Titles that Get Attention

When it comes down to being read on the Internet the first thing you need is a great title.  Think about the last time you did a search.  What was the first thing you did?  You scanned the titles that came up on the first page.  Why do you click on the titles that you do?  They get your attention by offering something you want or by making you curious.  Maybe they promise entertainment or have a shock factor.  Or maybe they ask for your input and who can resist that?

Here are five ways that you can make your titles more appealing to readers:

  1. Appeal to the reader’s desire for knowledge. What are they searching for if not to learn something?  Offer them something that they are not finding on other sites. That’s why “how to” titles work so well.
  2. Appeal to the reader’s desire for entertainment. People like to laugh and smile.  The want stories that are entertaining and interesting.  If you have a title that reads, “Why Angelina Jolie Can’t Get Enough of Us” you can bet that people are going to stop and find out why.  Just be sure that there is some truth behind your title.
  3. Appeal to reader’s desire for the shock factor. Surprise the reader’s with something they aren’t expecting like, “2 out of 10 of Our Reader’s Were Searching Pink Cats When They Found This Site!”  Unless your site is about pink cats they’ll want to stop and find out why those two readers were searching for pink cats when they found your site.
  4. Appeal to the reader’s sense of curiosity. Write a title that drives them to want to know more, that makes them want to know the truth.  If your title reads, “The one thing that other social media experts won’t tell you”, don’t you think they are going to want to find out what that one thing is?  Make sure it is something that other social media experts aren’t telling people though.
  5. Ask for their input. People like to think that their knowledge and opinions are valuable so make your readers feel important.  “Who is Your Favorite Sports Blogger?” invites them to come in and read your post and then share their thoughts in the blog comments.  Make you title pertinent and make it something that readers would want to share their opinions on.

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