How to Break Into Technical Copywriting

If you want to break into technical copywriting you will be happy to know that there is a large demand for writers who can write technical copy.  There are various fields of technical copywriting  so if you have experience in a specific field you can focus on that one.  With specific technical skills and some public relations or marketing experience you will find that there is a lot of work available.

Before you get started make sure you are very familiar with the technical field that you are focusing on.  Learn the terminology.  Read how to books from the industry.  Subscribe to industry blogs and keep up with industry news.  Study marketing materials.  It is important to completely immerse yourself in the industry that you want to do technical copywriting for.

Next, you will need to put together a portfolio.  Freelance writers are hired on the basis of their portfolios, but resumes are not used as often.  Clients want to know that you are capable of producing copy for their industry.  Put together a list of all the articles that you have written for the industry in the past and make sure they are perfect – no grammatical errors.  They should be concise and to the point.  If you do not have anything that has been published then write a few articles that will demonstrate your skills.  Experience is not always the most important factor – skill has more weight than experience.

After you have put your portfolio together you can start looking for potential clients.  Use networking (both in real time and online) to make connections with people in the industry that you want to write for.  Make connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and use these social networks to demonstrate your skill and expertise.  Make casual conversation but remember that at some point you will need to come right out and tell them that you are interested in writing for them.  Those who ask for the job are more likely to get it.  Be polite.  Be professional.  Be direct.

While you are working on finding clients (and even once you have clients), work on building your skills.  Continue to read technical journals and online articles.  Take a course.  Look for a mentor.  Stay up to date with the industry you are interested in.  Remember that you need to continuously be learning and improving on your skill. If you follow these tips you will soon find yourself making money as a technical copywriter.

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