Online Socializing With Writers Can Help Your Writing Career

In a regular 9-5, go to the office type of job, workers have the water cooler (or the snack machine or the smoker’s corner) to give them a place to relax with idle chit chat together. It can be beneficial to them because the people that they stand around the water cooler with slowly get to know them and they build a bond. Sometimes, that results in finding out prime information before others do, getting in on the special projects, and even getting the right kind of reputation – as long as you’re not hanging out at the water cooler for too long! When you work from home, you can take advantage of virtual water coolers that can be beneficial to you as well.

Forums and social media sites are the writer’s water cooler

There are many places you can go to take a break when you work in a virtual world. Forums or social networks like Twitter and Facebook are just some of the typical online water coolers where you can find other writers taking a break. But are they really helpful?

Learn from others

Think about what people do when they are getting a drink from the water cooler. They share information and they develop relationships. By doing the same thing online you can learn from those with more experience. Some think that writers are all hermits that don’t like to socialize but if you hang out at a writer’s forum you’ll see that is anything but true. And when they socialize the more experienced are often happy to give advice to those who are new or to those who have specific problems.

Get recommended

You can also find jobs. Some writers get more work than they can handle and when they can’t do a job because they are booked the client will often ask them for a referral. Who do you think they are going to suggest? It is usually someone they know online and someone whose work they are familiar with. Put your blog in your forum link and let other writers read your work. If you’re good and if you’re a social being they might recommend you.

Socializing online is just as important as socializing in the real world. Those who talk to others, make friends, and share information are more likely to progress in their writing. You can even find a mentor if you hang around and make your goals known. People can’t help you if they don’t know what you need help with so ask questions. Just remember to give back to your social network when you get some experience.

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