E-book Writing – How an Outline Can Help

If you’re new to the world of ebook writing, you should embrace the outline. Outlining your ebook is a great way to organize it and give you a clear picture of how to proceed in getting it written.

Writing an Outline

An outline can be simple. Instead of just sitting down and writing, you create a template that you can use to decide on the direction of the book. Titles, subtitles, and topics to cover in a list can help you pull research together and complete the task of compiling everything in an orderly fashion. The outline could be a living document that changes throughout the writing process but is an excellent start to a new book.

Outlining: Benefits to Ghostwriters

When you write an outline for a client, this helps you both establish expectations up front. The client may provide you with an outline or may ask you to send them a proposed table of contents. In either case, this is an opportunity to ensure you are both on the same page with respect to the vision of the project. It’ll save you time and help you increase the chances of a satisfied customer at the end of the process.

Where to Start

A good way to start writing an outline is to jot down a rough introduction. By talking about what you plan cover in the book, this can help you begin to outline several chapters as the ideas typically begin to flow. Then, you can drill down into each chapter and outline that chapter until you’re ready to fill in those blanks. Subheadings and bullet points about areas you want to cover are helpful.


As you research, your table of contents could change. For this reason, it’s a good idea to tell the client (unless you’re writing for yourself) that the table of contents is a rough one. The client may give you the freedom to tweak as needed or could request suggested additions and deletions be run by them first.

Even a basic outline can help you easily develop your ebook, giving you a roadmap of sub-topics to research and expand upon. Not all writers follow the same path from start to finish so you may find a specific approach that works really well for you. However you do your e-book outline, doing so helps you create a framework for providing a great piece of writing.

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