E-book Writing – How an Outline Can Help

If you’re new to the world of ebook writing, you should embrace the outline. Outlining your ebook is a great way to organize it and give you a clear picture of how to proceed in getting it written. Writing an Outline An outline can be simple. Instead of just sitting down and writing, you create […]

Writing Point of View Can Make Your Copywriting More Personal and Result in More Impact

When you write copy for a website, readers become more involved if you use the “you” view.  This simply means emphasizing second person pronouns like “you” and “your” to bring the reader benefits to the forefront.  Using this technique makes it more personal for the reader and makes them feel that you are interested in […]

Use a Conclusion to Your Best Advantage

If you want your writing to be memorable, your conclusion must be fully utilized.  The conclusion of any piece of  writing is often the part that readers will remember the most.  It is the last thing they read and will be the part they think back on.  It will represent the entire article that they […]

How to Write Titles that Get Attention

When it comes down to being read on the Internet the first thing you need is a great title.  Think about the last time you did a search.  What was the first thing you did?  You scanned the titles that came up on the first page.  Why do you click on the titles that you […]

Online Reputation Management Tools to Guide Your Marketing Plan

If you take a course in customer service one of the things you will learn is that it is easier to keep a good reputation than to fix a bad one.  That’s why reputation management is so important in business.  Larger companies hire entire department to handle reputation management but just because you are only […]

Web Writing Tools for Writers – 3 Great Keyword Tools

Part of any web writer’s job is knowing how to implement keywords into their writing that will make it easier for search engines to figure out what the page is about. You could guess at the words that people might use to find your page or your client’s page but it wouldn’t be as effective […]

Who Do You Write Like?

The new site ‘I write like‘ has swept the web: Simply copy and paste a few paragraphs into the box in your browser, and ‘I write like’ will analyze your writing and tell you which famous author you write like. We’ve tried it and apparently some posts on our blog were written in the style […]

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