Managing Multiple Clients with Multiple Deadlines

When your freelance writing career starts rocking and rolling, it can be fun! Once you start learning how to market yourself and start getting word of mouth referrals it can also get very busy.  But when you’ve suddenly got multiple clients with various deadlines, it might be difficult to keep it all straight. Here is […]

Improve Your Writing Skills

A writer who writes for a living (part time or full time) should continually work at improving his or her skills. You can be at the top of your game and still continually boost your skills so that your writing gradually improves and so that you continually enjoy the process of crafting with words. Here […]

Writing An Article: Be A Reader’s Resource

Articles are an excellent way to promote yourself and your website as an industry leader or expert on a given matter. This in turn can go far towards building your professional credibility and towards driving quality traffic to your website. There is a certain finesse involved in writing articles that will promote you or your […]

Tips to Hook Your Readers in the First Paragraph

Is your goal to help clients make  more sales?  Want people to follow through on the desired call to action?  If you have managed to pull your reader in with a great title the next important factor to whether they continue reading or not is the first paragraph.  If that first paragraph is not engaging […]

Make Writing Creative with 5 Easy to Follow Tips

In order to get and keep the attention of your readers you need to get creative.  If you have the same experience and thoughts that everyone else online has then there is really no reason for readers to stick around.  If you want them to come back and become regular reader or to subscribe to […]

A Writer at Heart

If it is true that a writer writes what she knows, then it is important to know thyself. Finding your passion is the first step in authoring a book. You have to look inward to discover your passion. Intentionally direct yourself inward to discover the far-reaching roots of your thoughts and passions. Then you can […]

Copywriter Tips: Using a Swipe File

If you have ever had one of those days when the copy is just not flowing and you cannot get the ideas to translate onto words on the page, you have likely thought how nice it would be to just have some automatic inspiration.  If you have been trying to write copy for hours and […]

Where to Get Ideas for Article Marketing

Do you sometimes feel stuck when you are trying to come up with ideas for article marketing?  Do not feel bad – it happens to everyone at some point.  But finding ideas for article marketing should never be too difficult when you have the entire Internet at your fingertips. RSS Readers If you are involved […]

Writing Press Releases – Tips for Your Writing Career and for Your Clients’

A press release is an informal news story that is directed at the media. It is often directed to the online media world or the print media world but sometimes it may be directed at both. The press release is written in the third person and reveals something new or a change that people in […]

Mentorship – Benefit from Following a Writing Mentor

A writing mentor can be invaluable in your writing career. They can give you a lot of insight on writing for clients, the writing life, and finding jobs. They can also encourage you and give you that little extra something you need at the beginning. There are two basic types of mentors out there – […]

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