A Writer’s Electronic Signature

For the purpose of this article, “electronic signature” refers to the snippet of text – including your name – that you as a writer can add to just about everything that leaves your desk and gets sent out into the world via the internet. For example, you can add an electronic signature to the end […]

Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Writing Business

Are you on Twitter yet? If so, are you using it to help you further your writing career?  There are several ways you can use Twitter to promote your writing business and to benefit your career overall. Read on for some advice for using Twitter to your advantage: Follow Others This seems like a no-brainer, […]

Marketing Your Freelance Writing Services with a Blog

While there are plenty of freelance writing clients that simply want you to write an article, many more want to work with a triple threat. What is ‘the freelance writing triple threat’? It’s the writer who can not only write, but also blog and market the writing for the client. This means you must be […]

Writing Press Releases – Tips for Your Writing Career and for Your Clients’

A press release is an informal news story that is directed at the media. It is often directed to the online media world or the print media world but sometimes it may be directed at both. The press release is written in the third person and reveals something new or a change that people in […]

Online Socializing With Writers Can Help Your Writing Career

In a regular 9-5, go to the office type of job, workers have the water cooler (or the snack machine or the smoker’s corner) to give them a place to relax with idle chit chat together. It can be beneficial to them because the people that they stand around the water cooler with slowly get […]

Piquing Interest – Using Articles to Get People to Your Website

If you want to get people to visit to your website you need to be seen on places other than your website! You need to have links on the Internet that direct readers and potential clients back to you and you need to give them a reason to visit them. One of the ways you […]

Social Bookmarking Tips for Writers

Social bookmarking is a tool that webmasters can use to get their sites noticed more. It can also help with search engine optimization because it builds back links. Internet users use bookmarking to organize and share the sites that they are interested in with other web surfers, so if someone is interested in the topic […]

5 Traditional Marketing Techniques You Can Implement In Your Writing Business

If you are a writer you are likely somewhat familiar with the world of online marketing.  Social media is as popular as ever and most everyone is on Twitter or Facebook.  But have you thought about implementing traditional marketing techniques to get the word out about your services?  Traditional marketing techniques have been very successful […]

Make Sure Your Article Marketing Articles are Accepted

Article marketing can have a great impact on your business and if you want to make your article marketing efforts more efficient you should make sure that you articles follow the guidelines set out before you submit them.  You should get to know the rules of any article directory site that you use before you […]

Fresh Ideas for Email Marketing

If you are new to email marketing to promote yourself it can be pretty hard to figure out what to include in your campaign.  One of the first things you should do is subscribe to some email newsletters and analyze them.  Think about which ones you like and which ones you do not.  Then ask […]

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