How to Get Your Creative Writing Juices Flowing

If you want to be a successful freelance writer, whether fiction or non-fiction, creativity keeps you productive and adds an element of fun and the unexpected to your profession. Creativity can help you turn an average story into an exciting tale, it can help you turn research material into a fresh and original article, and […]

A Writer at Heart

If it is true that a writer writes what she knows, then it is important to know thyself. Finding your passion is the first step in authoring a book. You have to look inward to discover your passion. Intentionally direct yourself inward to discover the far-reaching roots of your thoughts and passions. Then you can […]

Writers Need a Writing Community

Not long ago, a writer only had to worry about writing and their staff did the rest. Published authors had their agent and their publisher who would help them with all facets of promotion. But today, writers need to not just write but they need to be a publicist of sorts, as well. Establishing an […]

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