Ghostwriting Tips to Sound Like Your Client

Business ghostwriting can be a profitable venture. By writing as someone else or as the voice of a company without your own byline you can get paid a good sum on a regular basis. People who hire ghostwriters do it for a number of reasons. Maybe they can’t write well. Maybe they don’t have the […]

Applying for Your First Ghostwriting Gig?

Whether you want to be a novelist or a freelance writer, ghostwriting is an area you may want to take advantage of. You may have to give away the byline in most cases and give the credit to someone else (or write an article with no byline at all) but you can gain experience and […]

Signs of a Scam – Tips When Applying for a Writing Gig

As a writer, sometimes it can be difficult to tell when someone is just out to take advantage of you and when they have a legitimate job offer. But that shouldn’t make you avoid applying for writing jobs. If you are careful you can spot the red flags of a scam before you send out […]

E-book Writing – How an Outline Can Help

If you’re new to the world of ebook writing, you should embrace the outline. Outlining your ebook is a great way to organize it and give you a clear picture of how to proceed in getting it written. Writing an Outline An outline can be simple. Instead of just sitting down and writing, you create […]

Web Writing Tools for Writers – 3 Great Keyword Tools

Part of any web writer’s job is knowing how to implement keywords into their writing that will make it easier for search engines to figure out what the page is about. You could guess at the words that people might use to find your page or your client’s page but it wouldn’t be as effective […]

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