Starting a Freelance Resume Writing Business

Freelance writing is a rapidly growing business as more people want to start working from home. Freelance resume writing is becoming more popular since more people are in the process of looking for a new job or making a job. Some job seekers have put in years with a particular company, so they haven’t had […]

Managing Multiple Clients with Multiple Deadlines

When your freelance writing career starts rocking and rolling, it can be fun! Once you start learning how to market yourself and start getting word of mouth referrals it can also get very busy.  But when you’ve suddenly got multiple clients with various deadlines, it might be difficult to keep it all straight. Here is […]

Building Residual Income with Freelance Article Writing

When you begin freelance writing, there are many choices to make about the type of writing you want to do. Most freelancers want to write articles that have high upfront pay; it pays the bills and provides you with immediate compensation for your work. The other form of earnings involves putting in the work and […]

Applying for Your First Ghostwriting Gig?

Whether you want to be a novelist or a freelance writer, ghostwriting is an area you may want to take advantage of. You may have to give away the byline in most cases and give the credit to someone else (or write an article with no byline at all) but you can gain experience and […]

Signs of a Scam – Tips When Applying for a Writing Gig

As a writer, sometimes it can be difficult to tell when someone is just out to take advantage of you and when they have a legitimate job offer. But that shouldn’t make you avoid applying for writing jobs. If you are careful you can spot the red flags of a scam before you send out […]

Writer’s Resume Tips – Presenting Yourself for Freelance Gigs

Many of the jobs that you apply for will request a resume so it is important to have a good writer’s resume ready. Keep in mind that each resume should be tailored to the type of job that you are applying for. Have a full resume ready to send that you can adjust according to […]

Mentorship – Benefit from Following a Writing Mentor

A writing mentor can be invaluable in your writing career. They can give you a lot of insight on writing for clients, the writing life, and finding jobs. They can also encourage you and give you that little extra something you need at the beginning. There are two basic types of mentors out there – […]

Tips for Writing a Winning Proposal

When you are a writer many clients or publications will ask you for a proposal on how you would handle a project. You need to make sure that your proposal is inclusive and to the point but you need to make sure that all the relevant information is included. A winning proposal needs to be […]

Invest in Your Future: Set up Your Own Blog

One of the greatest things a writer can do to invest in his or her future is to set up a blog that showcases writing services. Not only will the blog give you the opportunity to showcase your writing skills but it is a venue that also provides the ability to take advantage of free […]

Web Writing Tools for Writers – 3 Great Keyword Tools

Part of any web writer’s job is knowing how to implement keywords into their writing that will make it easier for search engines to figure out what the page is about. You could guess at the words that people might use to find your page or your client’s page but it wouldn’t be as effective […]

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