How to Create an E-book

With the increased popularity of electronic devices, such as the Kindle, Nook and the iPad, e-books are more popular than ever. This presents a great opportunity for you as a writer to publish your own e-books. Whether you write e-books and self-publish them or plan to ghost write for companies, there’s great potential for fiction, […]

A Writer at Heart

If it is true that a writer writes what she knows, then it is important to know thyself. Finding your passion is the first step in authoring a book. You have to look inward to discover your passion. Intentionally direct yourself inward to discover the far-reaching roots of your thoughts and passions. Then you can […]

Promoting Your Book – Tips for Doing Your Own PR

So you’ve written a book (good job!) and now you need to promote it. Do you hire someone or do you promote it yourself? There are a lot of benefits to having someone else promote your book but of course, that it isn’t always in the budget! Don’t worry though – there are ways that […]

E-book Writing – How an Outline Can Help

If you’re new to the world of ebook writing, you should embrace the outline. Outlining your ebook is a great way to organize it and give you a clear picture of how to proceed in getting it written. Writing an Outline An outline can be simple. Instead of just sitting down and writing, you create […]

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