Building Residual Income with Freelance Article Writing

When you begin freelance writing, there are many choices to make about the type of writing you want to do. Most freelancers want to write articles that have high upfront pay; it pays the bills and provides you with immediate compensation for your work. The other form of earnings involves putting in the work and waiting to see how much you’re going to earn. Passive or residual income is the type of income that happens over time. Some writers are able to find places that offer a small upfront fee followed by residual income, but most have to write strictly for upfront pay or residual income.

How Freelance Writers Build Residual Income

There are a number of websites, like eHow, hubpages or Helium, that exist solely to provide informative content to its users. Freelance writers contribute articles to these sites for free, but often earn residual income from ad clicks and visits. Sites vary with the percentage of income they’ll share with the writer. Some sites offer writers 25%, while others give up to a 50% share. The larger the percentage, the more a writer can make off of one article for years to come. (Search for make money writing.)

In order to build residual income, you must submit a large amount of articles to each website. This allows Internet users to find your articles and click on your links and ads. Over time, you may begin to obtain a following of dedicated readers and find that your income grows more each month. The longer an article exists online, the easier it is for the search engines to index it. The best part of building up residual income this way is that the website does all of the work marketing the site and investing the money needed to draw in traffic.

Blogging for Residual Income

Another way to earn passive income is to start your own blog. Unlike freelance writing for article websites, you will need to make an initial investment in order to get your blog up and running. You will also be responsible for all marketing and choosing the right ads for residual income. The positives are that you have complete creative control over your blog posts and can use your blog and article writing websites to complement each other for even higher earnings.

To build income with a blog you should research the niche you want to write about and see how much competition you have from other writers. This lets you know how aggressive you need to be at marketing your blog. You then need to conduct keyword research and plan at least 10 blog posts to get you started. Once your blog has a few posts, the keywords you use will help align the advertisements that show up on your blog. Visitors will start clicking on the ads and you’ll start accruing money for each post.

Adding Up Your Earnings

As stated before, passive income takes time to build up to an impressive amount. You will need to give your efforts a few months to start seeing results. When you notice that certain articles, posts or topics are earning more than others, you can start tweaking your future writings so that most of your freelance articles earn you enough to make the effort worthwhile.

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