Whether you’re a published author, a freelance writer, or any other kind of writer, you’ll find lots of useful tips for marketing yourself and your work on our site. We also publish how-to articles on e-book publishing, optimizing your freelance business and more!

Do you have a story to share?

If you have information or a story you’d like to share with all of us, please do! We’d like to hear about your successes, failures and ‘aha’ moments. In fact this will be a great way to promote yourself on the internet, because when we publish your post, we will link back to your own website so others can find out more about you and your work. For an example of how we would display your information, click here to view one of the writer’s profiles on this blog. What would you include in your profile?

What should I write about?

Here some topics to give you an idea:

– Do you write only for the internet? How do you find jobs?
– Have you received a contract lately? How did it come about? Did you have to negotiate a lot to get the terms you like?
– Are you a published author? Has your publisher promoted your book online or offline or both?
– How has the internet changed your writing life?
– What are you favorite books about writing?
– Have you had a ghost writing gig? How did you like it?
– How do you write differently for print and for the web?

As you can see anything goes that has to do with writing, promoting yourself and making money with writing. Or simply ask yourself “What would I have liked to know about writing 10 years ago that I know now?” and write about that.

If you’re ready to share your story with us and be considered to appear on our blog, please follow these guidelines:

– only send original articles that have not been published anywhere on the web

– length should be between 500 and 1000 words

– use sub headers

– focus on just one topic; the narrower the focus, the better

– article should be instructional and/or provide a solution to our readers; write about something we can all learn from

– no general info articles

– no sales pitch

– check for grammatical and spelling errors

If your article meets all these guidelines, please send it (or an excerpt) to us via our contact form.




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