5 Traditional Marketing Techniques You Can Implement In Your Writing Business

If you are a writer you are likely somewhat familiar with the world of online marketing.  Social media is as popular as ever and most everyone is on Twitter or Facebook.  But have you thought about implementing traditional marketing techniques to get the word out about your services?  Traditional marketing techniques have been very successful in the past and are still useful in today’s world of digital communication.

“But my business is online!” you might be thinking.  Well, don’t forget that there are lots of opportunities available to you off-line as well. Whether you’re writing advertising copy, articles, keeping a blog for a company, or ghostwriting books, keep in mind that for most people dealing with a person fact-to-face instead of combing for hours through freelance websites is still the more desirable option when it comes to hiring someone.

success with traditional marketing

Try any or all of these traditional marketing methods to complement your online marketing efforts:

  • Direct marketing.  This just means putting yourself in front of potential clients.  You can use flyers or brochures locally.  Stop by businesses that you think might be interested in your services and leave them a flyer or a nice brochure. You might want to offer a onetime special for first time customers to get their attention.
  • Press release.  In the past when businesses added a new feature or a new product or service they put out a press release.  You can do the same thing when you have long-term specials or set up new bundle packages. Of course nowadays press releases are usually published online, but you might contact a local newspaper or magazine and see what options they offer for small businesses.
  • Word of mouth.  Word of mouth was the most important way people got business in the past and it is still a major contender in the marketing world, online or off-line. The best way to receive this type of promotion is to do a great job in the first place of course, but it doesn’t hurt to let clients know about your various writing services and to ask for referrals.
  • Cold calls.  Is there a business that you know could use your services?  Or perhaps a business you would just love to write for? Contact them in writing and introduce yourself and be ready for a fact-to-face interview and have a resume handy.
  • Business cards.  Every business should have business cards and you should carry them with you wherever you go.  Aim for a sophisticated but simple design that’s appropriate for all types of clients.

Still unsure about traditional marketing methods? Just remember that, like with anything else in life you learn, you’ll get better the more you actually do it. Start with any of the marketing techniques above and keep track on a spreadsheet about who you talk to and meet with. Set a regular time of the week when you’ll implement these techniques and pretty soon you’ll have a system in place that will be as natural to you as logging into your social media account or blog and promoting your services that way.

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